We used Apple Fitness Plus for two months. Here’s what you need to know

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Often in our reviews the question is “Is this thing good?”, but for the Apple Fitness+ review the real question becomes “Who is it good for?”. Four Verge staffers spent months exercising with Apple’s latest service to see how it compares to others like Peloton and if it's worth your money.
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The Verge
  • The Verge

    The Verge


    What tech do you use for your workout?

    • rrektless


      10 दिवसांपूर्वी

      No tech, just by going outside.

    • Matthew Smith

      Matthew Smith

      11 दिवसांपूर्वी

      Apple Watch, Sole E35 elliptical, 55" TV in front of it for IN-one workouts (which are virtual scenic runs if on elliptical, strength/HIIT if not). I also have Ring Fit Adventure for Switch that I do fairly frequently

    • Firebrand B.

      Firebrand B.

      28 दिवसांपूर्वी


    • Vincent Pascual

      Vincent Pascual


      Tech gear: Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Pro, and sometimes my iPhone X Workout equipment: Manduka Pro yoga mat, Peloton dumbbells (they’re actually very well designed and different from most dumbbells), and a TRX Tactical suspension strap set (TRX has their own app that syncs with Apple Watch)

    • Ninja Nerd Student

      Ninja Nerd Student


      Apple Watch and a home gym

  • Heather D

    Heather D


    Except you cannot cast this to your TV....

  • Alex Terrieur

    Alex Terrieur

    3 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Dankpods subscribers at 8:38
    "the BEANS!!!"

  • Desmond Davis

    Desmond Davis

    3 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Airplay isn’t working for me I just got a new Samsung Qled 4k

  • Craig Lafferty

    Craig Lafferty

    3 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Best review ever! Truly honest and unbiased.

  • fightmeirl


    6 दिवसांपूर्वी

    So is apple fitness plus just the tutorials? nothing to do with the telemetry data?

  • Unnati Singla

    Unnati Singla

    8 दिवसांपूर्वी

    You can’t stream to a TV via AirPlay :(

  • DeviantMotives


    9 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Great vid

  • yanic barrett

    yanic barrett

    10 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I agreeeee I hated using it from my phone I wish it ws integrated with apple tv which I have on my fire stick

  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    11 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I agree with the general sentiments in this video. It's cool and has good groundwork down, but just not quite there yet for me. Maybe they'll improve upon it a bunch and throw another trial out once they do and get me hooked. It's a little too limited in what it offers, how you can watch the videos and a bit too clunky to find things when you're looking for specific workouts.

  • Judith Smith

    Judith Smith

    11 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I’m SO interested in the “time to walk” feature; are there any Christian inspiration walks on there? I’d LITERALLY be obsessed. I’d pay more than $10 if I could have that as an option.
    The way that audio sounded was so good and relaxing when they were walking. I HAVE to try that. Hopefully they talk about something interesting. Because that is REALLY REALLY cool !

  • Michael - Janos Lengyel

    Michael - Janos Lengyel

    11 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I use apple fitness+, but l don't like it a lot because even yoga classes super energize, but the Nike app for fitness is free, and you can use it the same way as an apple fitness app.

  • PaperRoman


    17 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Why the heck ain't anyone talking about the new Chrome 89 update !? It's a a huge jump in browsing!

  • slickrickcm


    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Any apps for people in wheelchairs?

  • Fed Donovan

    Fed Donovan

    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    VR fitness is coming ....peloton still superior ...Tonal + peloton ...you dont need anything else .no even a gym ..sorry apple fans...

  • Dwain Alfred

    Dwain Alfred

    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    when is fitness coming to the rest of the world ? Mainly the Caribbean

  • rrektless


    20 दिवसांपूर्वी

    0:53 Me on every single day.

  • eidem live

    eidem live

    20 दिवसांपूर्वी

    its a nice idea but i dont like to be locked in a ecosystem to use this

  • Melissa Borunda

    Melissa Borunda

    21 दिवसापूर्वी

    Sadly you can’t use airplay with it yet. That won’t be available until iOS 14.5.

  • Ashish Porwal

    Ashish Porwal

    23 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Who the fack need instructor to know how to use gym bycycle??

  • mohammad hayat

    mohammad hayat

    24 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Ok no

  • Mr. M

    Mr. M

    25 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Shout out to gen X'rs!

  • Miracles Await

    Miracles Await

    25 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I enjoy it. I already have my favourite trainers but have been in since the beginnings. I do find now tho I have taken the moves I enjoy the lost and just made my own workouts. I do come back every Monday tho to see what’s new

  • Captain Aayush

    Captain Aayush

    26 दिवसांपूर्वी

    On my series 6, Waiting !!

  • Skylar Bacote-Tsaoys

    Skylar Bacote-Tsaoys

    26 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Apple Fitness + is designed for people that workout at Planet Fitness.

  • Americano Mondays

    Americano Mondays

    28 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Dang. As a 43-year-old, Gen X - who’s all in on Apple One Sub - and recently purchased a bike trainer for my bike as well. I felt like I was listening to myself as Dieter talked. Ha. I do need to try out those guided walks though. Those sound pretty cool. I heard about them but completely forgot to check them out.

  • dexterter


    28 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Hahaha this will never take off. it's obvious apple so much money to waste they don't really care anymore.

  • Bill BB

    Bill BB

    28 दिवसांपूर्वी


  • Hector Ordorica

    Hector Ordorica

    29 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Apple, pay me for this idea. Gamify your app and trainers. Act scenes and responses based on your health data to provide encouragement. Guitar hero style. I'm a deadbeat millennial (elder millennial) and am too cynical for mindfulness.

  • Jeffrey Ehimuh

    Jeffrey Ehimuh


    Great review! The service is how I thought it would be. Really wish the time to walk feature was available separately like the guided runs for the Nike run+ app. For some people that need a bigger screen but don’t own other Apple products such as the TV our bigger iPad, one could also use the lightning to hdmi adaptor that works wonders!

  • Gavin Pereira

    Gavin Pereira


    Anyone know what brand of mask Becca was wearing?

  • Lily Magana

    Lily Magana


    This review is it. I like the style. It offers different problems, perspectives, and conclusions. This pretty much answers all the questions I had about the service.

  • jessusfx




  • Călin H

    Călin H


    I’ve heard people who use this type of service or youtube videos in the gym. Then I’ve seen then live working out... dear God!

  • Sunny Lyndis

    Sunny Lyndis


    I have a watch and a apple tv (though you should be able to watch on a apple computer) but the workouts are boring to me- after a week or two. However that might be because it’s a new service and there aren’t many videos. I dont like the over the top mindful talks. That’s just not my personal style... I’ve followed some of the fitness trainers on youtube for YEARS. They don’t talk like that. It’s purely an Apple message. It feels weird. I understand that the fitness+ is connected to the watch to improve the experience but if you have an apple device and are willing to pay the subscription I dont think you need a watch. I have roommates and family who like the dance workouts but can only do them when Im present (they don’t have a watch). To me that fact clearly states it’s not about fitness otherwise it’d be accessible to all apple devices. It’s about having Apple products that happen to do fitness. Not a big deal if you already have everything but not everyone does and not everyone wants/can buy an apple watch just to pay for a subscription. Fitness isn’t a cash grab. Convenience for fitness can be, but I don’t believe it should be. $199 for a series 3 watch, $80 annually and $149 for apple tv if you don’t have airplay/want to look at a phone while working out. That’s expensive as f. Buy decent athletic shoes and go outside to walk for 30 minutes+ daily.

  • Javier Matusevich

    Javier Matusevich


    *complains that app is only available in apple products* - *praises peloton, a bike with a screen you have to buy*

  • Virru112



    I love it so far. I love the trainer's style. Apple is going for the general market which is key because the average person may not want to go for something like a Peloton. I think it's a key app to keep the general public healthy. It's maybe for beginners/casuals, but that's not a bad thing at all. It's all their first few months, so don't expect it all off the bat. I agree however that it should be available without the need to go buy the latest apple tv or a tv with apple airplay included. I ended up having both, so worked out for me, but it should be on the Macbooks as standard too.

  • Thomas Hartmann

    Thomas Hartmann


    Great review, but ... my only concern is the recurring use of Peleton as a reference point, because being from Sweden I’ve never heard about it before this review.

  • Gold Formation

    Gold Formation



  • Ninja Nerd Student

    Ninja Nerd Student


    I liked seeing all the Verge employees in a single video. Please do that more often.

  • Ninja Nerd Student

    Ninja Nerd Student


    At the rec center, they have treadmills and ellipticals with scenic videos. Apple should add interactive fact videos like that and then sell iPad mounts for home equipment.

  • newfnshow031



    There are tons of free workouts on youtube and tons of free workout apps in either app store

  • newfnshow031



    185 calories for 20 mins.... Less than a can of soda

  • Music Theory 4u

    Music Theory 4u


    Pelleton? Where, what?

  • jake liu

    jake liu


    Hmm 90 mins workout and still. I think need to bump up the intensity level to get the result.

  • AG Garza

    AG Garza


    Excellent job guys, I’d call that a useful, compact yet comprehensive review. I’m subscribed!

  • Sam Slocombe

    Sam Slocombe


    This might be the most millennial video I’ve seen in quite a long time.

  • Courtney Moore

    Courtney Moore


    I dont know why.. but this entire time I thought Dieter lived in New York! I guess I was mixing it up with Becks..




    Why can't you stream an Apple service on Apple MacBook?

  • Alex Romero

    Alex Romero


    beca is still using the beans until now....


  • Jon Stewart

    Jon Stewart


    Ummmm you cannot stream via airplay. Only the audio comes through the TV speakers. Has this changed?

  • James Sydney

    James Sydney


    we use Fitness +

  • Eric Gonzalez

    Eric Gonzalez


    Agree with everyone reviewing the service.

  • Isaac Chavez

    Isaac Chavez



  • Whitney Annie

    Whitney Annie


    Lmao it is better than nothing, I was doing nothing before and I’m basically active everyday now

  • photogenic works

    photogenic works


    Fitness + got so weird last month I had to stop using it. It was my place to escape from politics.

  • breathe carolina

    breathe carolina


    ive been using my free trial and i like the workouts but it’s actually kinda useless if you don’t have an apple tv or ipad. it’s filmed in such a way that the people look extremely small and it’s hard to see them. airplay doesn’t work either. hopefully they’ll change that. not sure if i’ll keep paying if they don’t

  • chas_ 3

    chas_ 3


    I like AF+ more than Nike’s services.

  • Radu-Andrei Zaharia

    Radu-Andrei Zaharia


    Did I just watch a Peloton ad?

  • TAEgames



    Easy moderate or hard just goes back to our RPE rate and having a good understanding of fitness but even if you don’t know that terminology you you’re so still knows what feels extremely hard and what feels like a piece you can keep up with the pace that you feel like you can improve with

  • Kenny B

    Kenny B


    I find Apple Fitness + is boring. I preferred the peloton app. I don't own the bike. But the other classes peloton provide are more fun.

  • D Karras

    D Karras


    I scrolled through all the comments and to my surprise there wasn’t even one about Dieter’s “virtuous CYCLE” ... I 👀 what you did there, nice one 👍🏻

  • mohinish92



    Seems useless review..

  • davidwave4



    "Apple Fitness Plus is literally better than nothing" is a banner endorsement.

  • Bill Roditski

    Bill Roditski


    Dieter is spot-on about the vibe from the trainers 😂

  • Aaron Domanais

    Aaron Domanais


    i looove that multiple people participated in this review

  • Nick



    I got an ad about fitness at the start of this video, *now that's consistency*

  • Tech & Komsan

    Tech & Komsan


    Apple Fitness+ - Apple

  • Daniel Castro Maia

    Daniel Castro Maia


    This is one the best reviews I’ve ever seen. It’s so obvious now that if you have the people, use multiple reviewers for each product! It’s a much more comprehensive look.

  • Alex Cameron

    Alex Cameron


    This is my favorite The Verge review so far. I really enjoyed the format of getting different perspectives which was perfect for a product that feels very different for different users.

  • Alex F

    Alex F


    This is such a great review, really loved having so much of the team (where’s Nilay tho?).
    Personally I’d never get it cos I’m not interested in an Apple Watch, I get why that’s mandatory for the integration but think it’s ridiculous you can’t get the tv app on any other platforms or chrome cast. I get Apple loves locking into their ecosystem but that seems like it’ll only cost users who don’t wanna be relying on tiny phone screen

  • Jeremias Menichelli

    Jeremias Menichelli


    Just wanna give a huge thumbs up to this review, I miss this dedicated wide reviews of products and services. Lately all tech reviews, including the ones from The Verge sometimes, try something for two days and you can see the lack of insight on the experience and the rushing. This is how it's done, I'm happy waiting for weeks or months to get a better review. Kudos to all the team.

  • CB Mateas

    CB Mateas


    So buying a massively overpriced spinning bike to use peloton is ok but needing an Apple Watch to use fitness+ is somewhat an inconvenience?
    I do agree it needs more editing and diversity in the difficulty level of the workouts. The music volume is kind of too low and the trainers never shut up.

  • MightyRob1



    Great review; obviously a lot of time and effort went into this, but I took a shot every time someone said “diversity” and now I can’t drive.

  • J H

    J H


    Monica brought up a good point about the limited time frame of the workouts, but I actually view that as a positive. I like the shorter times of the workouts because I try to do a minimum of an hour a day and because all of the Fitness+ workouts are shorter than that...I need to string some together to hit my time target...and with that, I’m putting more variety in my workouts than I did pre-Fitness+. I definitely would like to see longer workouts, but I do find the shorter ones useful for the sake of variety of workout sessions.
    As for Time to Walk...I haven’t gotten a chance to try that one out yet (need some better weather)! I’m interested though and looking forward to trying it!

  • Daniel Cook

    Daniel Cook


    It's hard to beat the king at this area and that's BeachBody. Obviously some cool technical options with apple echo system.

  • 테크boy



    I use Galaxy Fit 2

  • J



    Verge is an island.. serene and almost unique✨

  • Brandon Forte'

    Brandon Forte'


    Does the airplay feature work now?

  • mrcraggle



    Tbh, I'm surprised that Apple didn't just partner with Nike. The Nike apps (Training and Run Club) are very sleek in their design and offer tons of functionality. Nike's training app even offers programmes that you can take part in that give you work out routines to follow based on your level as well as nutritional information which is especially hard for beginners. Diet is a huge factor fitness and the Nike apps are also free. The only thing the apple fitness + app seems to really have going for it is the only screen tracking and that's barely even mentioned in this review.

  • Alvin varianto Setyawan

    Alvin varianto Setyawan


    at the first glance of the video, feels like a notch-less iPhone LOL

  • Timothy Collins

    Timothy Collins


    So basically Apple recreated the now defunct Xbox fitness app that MS had when the Xbox one first launched. That's actually a good thing since I loved that app.

  • Seila Hy

    Seila Hy


    Why pay for that when u can just run outside in the morning or evening?
    What a waste of money

    • bigmaxcc



      True don't forget music

  • Tom Zach

    Tom Zach


    I'm here for Becca 👊

  • buellreaucracy



    The treadmill workouts are 🔥

  • Mike Hughes

    Mike Hughes


    Great review!

  • Alan



    I think it would be fair to include the overhead costs of owning a peloton bike vs. generic w/AF+. Or also AF+ vs. peloton digital only. The costs can vary greatly and definitely would affect engagement and the need to stick with a platform if invested.

  • Darlin Lopez

    Darlin Lopez


    Best buy offers 6 month free trial with a purchase of the Apple watch 6

  • Rajiv Sundaresan

    Rajiv Sundaresan


    That portion between 10.18 to 10.45!!! Brilliantly put 🤣

  • Zyzzus Christ

    Zyzzus Christ


    Dieter, do you even lift?

  • Dylan Wagner

    Dylan Wagner


    Since no ones gonna say it. THANK YOU for the aspect ratio. Your videos look great on my iPhone!

  • sunnyd777



    I just want to be friends with becca and when I visit her after COVID get a tour of her hip location.

  • ave rie

    ave rie


    So I need an iPad/apple tv AND
    an apple watch BUT
    the apple watch doesnt work with just the ipad or the apple tv SO
    For this to actually work seamlessly, I would actually NEED:
    -Apple Watch
    -ipad (+dongle to connect to my tv) OR Apple TV
    -A subscription
    -possibly a pair of airpods
    All this just for some exercise videos and a sprinkle of fitness statistics. No, thanks! I’ll find other ways to level up from being adjacent level lol. This is clearly not for me and it isnt convenient enough for me to get all this stuff. This is better for folks already deep in the system. Wish it was more convenient in an Apple way.

  • Sriyans Kumar

    Sriyans Kumar


    why to pay for things which are free on the internet??

  • Spideycraft700



    We need more collaborate videos like this, this was tons of fun!! This is something I didn't realize we needed

  • Spideycraft700



    I love the Verge so much

  • Lita Zo

    Lita Zo


    i dont need any tech for work out .

  • JD Widdis

    JD Widdis


    Love everything about this except the wearing the masks outside 😂

  • Tyler Barron

    Tyler Barron


    I have used apple fitness for 8 minutes cause my phone too small and my tv is Samsung so if I wanna stream it in the living room I gotta buy a Apple TV (a lot of first world problems in this sentence)

  • Willow



    i don't think i'd ever use something like this but i gotta echo the rest of these comments saying this is a really well put together video. really highlights the strengths (heh) of the whole group, impeccable editing, just like. it's a good video. 10/10