#WakeUpIndia HUMANITY DEAD ? Wait Till The END.

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So yesterday while i was streaming, i got to see this post in which someone was brutally murdering his wife in broad daylight in the middle of the road. There were some people watching the guy while he kept on stabbing the lady with a knife but they didn't do anything.
The Video shook me from the inside and i went silent on stream. People started asking as to why I suddenly went out of energy and not speaking anything. But i couldn't tell them the actual thing as words were not able to come out of my mouth.
In my eyes, the people who were standing there and watched the whole Incident happen are the ones who are at fault as they could have threw stones at that guy (just to scare him off and not kill him) rather than stand there and watch. It was no show, it was a sight of someone taking someone else's life which nobody in this world has a right to do. They should have set an example in front of the society that we will not let anything wrong to happen on their watch. But sadly, nothing happened that way.
God has given us life and he should be the only one to take it back too. I hope You all feel the same way as i do and become a part of bringing back the humanity which has started to fade away from the society nowadays as no Religion stands ahead of humanity.

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    Love jihad

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    Legend watching his legacy over and over again .
    In a way like others are grinding playing hours , naman is mentally living his old moments and improving his reflexes by watching his swift & mesmerizing gameplays .

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    An SHO in Bengal was killed by peaceful peoples . It was announced from a masjid to kill the SHO . Very peaceful

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    that woman was stabbed 40 times so sad ).::

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    The most disturbing part is that it was a busy road... uss road pe bohot log jaa rhe the koi kuchh nhi kiya I have no faith in humanity this was too much to handle... shame on those who were there and didn’t bother to help and even those who were controlling security surveillance cams...

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    Incredible India her husband kill him infront of people's in the middle of the road but no one's stop him and doesn't help her what the fuck is happening to Indian youths very shameful things

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      @Toxic Gou kuki 😂 ye movie ye web series samaj raha ho kya? real life dusron ke life se zyada apna life priority karna hai as a human as a species it's very natural to not take in which there are chances to lead to your death.

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      @Mythresh Reddy when you use you brain nothing is impossible save life's

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      @Mythresh Reddy joh bhi ho public unite ho nise kuch bhi hosakta hai woh Banda ek la hai get my point of view.

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      koi sense hai iss baat ki? it's completely thier choice to take risk for saving someone or just don't get involved and be safe. he had a knife in his hand and stabbing her. some people tried but that guy pointed knife towards them and threatened them. Its easy to blame. bro udar risk nahi hota toh bahut log jake ruk sakte teh but uske pass knife tah and wo bahut furious tah.

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    Yes it was really disturbing to see
    Many people are being safe by ignoring but some just forget to do what they can
    Save someone

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    "boyfriend/Girlfriend is nothing"
    "Parents are Everything"
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    Koi bhi desh ko kuch thoda bhi bolde log jaan leleta hai uski chaha agr wo apna opinion he share kyu na krrha ho but jo hum khud disrespect krta hai aise inhumane acts krke apni motherland ko wo...
    Kbhi socha hai ki agr hum jo pseudopatriotism hai apna usse hatt kr agr apna andr change laai toh kitna change aa skta hai is desh mai...
    Kya kroge desh ka liya jaan dekrr jb ye desh mai koi bhala insaan he Naa rhe...
    Ye desh is zameen sai nhi humse hai isliya khud agr kuch acha kroge toh is desh ka bhi bhala hoga

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    It's easy to say huminity but it not easy to stand infornt of death. Indian society get education but uneducated no sense, poor midnight . English education and following western culture runied india. You don't have control on your words how can you give advice to people. If a person use bad words you think he have good mind set ?.

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    U don't have seen nothing I have a video in vich a policeman kills 2 people on road
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    Bro yesterday i saw the same thing yesterday i saw the same post i felt really bad brother i dont know so much of frustration within me couldnt handle it ....... i felt even more anger on the people who just passed she was lying in a pool of blood and know one could even help i was didturbed for a lot of time...... i dont even know how can those people who saw it and didnt stop can even sleep at night brother .......... stay strong brother ........ take care....😢😔

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    cant even love someone openly
    (kissing in public)
    but murder openly and nobody cares

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    Bhai ye case hamare yaha ka hai, Budh Vihar ka... Bhai main toh park me tha....it was extremely disturbing.... divorce lelo bc, jaan kyu leli 😑😑😑😑

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    The people who passed just can't even unite and fought together. This shows that now India is becoming a worst country

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    Bhai government should give this type of people punishment of death
    Because they will improve by giving them only 30 40 years prison
    They should also understand or feel how the other person felt



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    Maine bhi vo video dekha tha , nind nhi ari thi tab apki stream 3 baje tak dekhi. It disturbed my brain

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    Let's wake up ❤️

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    Just one statement to those who were sitting back and doing nothing ....in your whole life don't ever think of marring a girl and don't ever promise that you'll keep her safe ...if you don't have the guts to save a women whose being tortured and killed in front of you...just have some shame 😔complete disgrace ...lost all the faith in humanity..

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    Plz wake up india 🇮🇳

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    "God has given us life and he should be the only one to take it back too" (DEEP)



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    Be an active citizen. Raise voice against wrong. Aur keep Humanity above anything.

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