Poco X3 Pro Unboxing & Overview Most Powerful Midrange Smartphone

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Poco X3 Pro Unboxing & Overview this comes with the Snapdragon 860 SOC has a 6.67" FHD+ IPS LCD Screen with 120Hz refresh rate and 240hz touch sampling comes in 6/8GB RAM and 128GB UFS 3.1 storage has stereo speakers and 48MP Quad rear camera setup and 20MP front facing camera and comes with 5160 mAh battery with 33W Fast charging with PD support.



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    PUBG sahi chalega kaya



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    Heating Hota h kaya

  • Koustuv Dutta

    Koustuv Dutta

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    it has a weird notification UI bug... :(

  • Harman Bedi

    Harman Bedi

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    Sir, please make its detailed review with Pros and Cons🙏🏻



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    Hii Ranjit.. Are you going to do the full review of POCO x3 pro and if yes, then when.?
    I want to purchase this device but without your full review I am skeptical about it.

  • Rama Ramachandran

    Rama Ramachandran

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    Uncle hindi maa😎😎😎

  • Nilotpal Neogi

    Nilotpal Neogi


    Sir, please make a review of this....

  • sachin vashisht

    sachin vashisht


    @geekyranjit long press on the home screen>>more>>left swipe change to google discover




    Poco X3 pro Vs iqoo3 which is better option?

  • Janvi Srujan

    Janvi Srujan


    Hello sir, I have been searching for Best 5g camera phone under 25000, can u please suggest any one plzzzzz

  • Siddharth S Hazarika

    Siddharth S Hazarika


    Please make a complete review with pros & cons for this phone😊

  • Akshat Srivastava

    Akshat Srivastava

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    Remember the redmi k20 pro, it had a 800 series processor under 25 k



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    Poco F1 is till date my best purchase. It's almost 3 years old now and still never lags or has any performance drop. Only battery life has taken a hit but that's only natural considering its age. Best bang for the buck🔥

  • Aman Sarjal

    Aman Sarjal

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    When is full review with pro and cons comin

  • Roxanne Remedios

    Roxanne Remedios

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    @geekyranjit: There is vibration in the back panel of this phone when the volume is over 20%
    Did you face the same with your device..?
    Can you please advice the reason for this vibration issue...?
    Thanks Ranjit.

  • ishaan 275

    ishaan 275

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  • Aditya Jena

    Aditya Jena

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    I would say, in the long run, the SoC would pay off well. The budget-midrange one's start deteriorate pretty quick. For a 3-4 year usage perspective, defenitely the best under 20K.

  • Dewam Shah

    Dewam Shah

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    Sir will this phone get laggy after a couple of years? My work is mostly switching 4-5 apps at the same time

  • Amritendu Chakraborty

    Amritendu Chakraborty

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    Does it come with the 3years of software update commitment?

  • Gnanashekar Vasudevan

    Gnanashekar Vasudevan

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    Hi Ranjit, request you to please do a complete review of this phone.

  • SJ Vlogs

    SJ Vlogs

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    iqoo will be the better option

  • Naman Goyal

    Naman Goyal

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    Sir, which is the best smartphone under 25000 for camera quality?

  • Prateek Srivastava

    Prateek Srivastava

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    Is it a good decision when jio has announced that they will launch 5g in September 2021 ?

  • Critical Psyche

    Critical Psyche

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    the one thing annoys me is bloatware and unclean experience you get from its UI. MiUi is always looks irritating

  • Critical Psyche

    Critical Psyche

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    in future if i go for a mobile recommend by geeky Ranjit, i would like to buy your reviewed piece in order to help you grow.❤️

  • Bambhaniya Vaibhav

    Bambhaniya Vaibhav

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    Sir is this better then "Redmi note 10 pro"....??? Plz ans.

  • Kiran Godase

    Kiran Godase

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    Excellent crisp review as usual. One question- does this have ads like regular redmi phones?

  • ಪದ್ಮನಾಭ ವಿ.ಆರ್

    ಪದ್ಮನಾಭ ವಿ.ಆರ್

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    Hi sir I am first time trying poco x3 pro I found that in poco x3 pro sim1 is nano/memory card slot and sim2 is nano I am thinking it's looks new for me please conform it will be useful for me

  • Calm nature Ayurveda

    Calm nature Ayurveda

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    I bought this poco x3 pro from first flash sale but after 10 days middle of touch screen is not working ,worst phone for 19000



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    Waiting for mi 11x ,if ut comes from 22to 25k ,I'll go with that one,if not,X3 pro is the only choice.
    Need a phone which can last longer.

  • Tamanna Ghanshani

    Tamanna Ghanshani

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    Hey Ranjeet, What would be your suggestion for buying a phone for my mother, who is currently using iphone 5s . If Poco, then which one? and my budget is not more than 12k.

  • ShaifuVai


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    Gorilla 5 is going on for this device in bangladesh

  • sanjiv


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    Sir, when's the complete review coming??

  • Rajballabh Baruah

    Rajballabh Baruah

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    Poco branding looks like💩

  • Myself Krishna

    Myself Krishna

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    Why that branding name too big😐

  • Dr.Suraj Bhardwaj

    Dr.Suraj Bhardwaj

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    Shall i upgrade from Samsung M51 for gaming performance or not?

  • Vishwa Deep

    Vishwa Deep

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    which one should I choose this or note10 I am not going for gaming..

  • Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma

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    Nobody :
    Ranjit : Junk apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Prime 😂

  • kowshik chinnu

    kowshik chinnu

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    Can I go for It? Or should I wait for Poco F3 which coming with Snapdragon 870 ??
    Suggest me in this

  • Pratyasha Gupta

    Pratyasha Gupta

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    Waiting for detailed review & a comparison between poco x3 pro n redmi note 10 pro max plz sir



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    Booo for MUI

  • Zuber Shaikh

    Zuber Shaikh

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    Tu phir English baat kiya me samjaya tha na hum indian hai hindi me sam jaye viewers ko nhi samaj me ata hai kya ranjit thik hai

  • Hidayat Ullah Khan

    Hidayat Ullah Khan

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    What is IR blaster?

  • Utkarsh Saxena

    Utkarsh Saxena

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    Hi sir, please do the full review for this one. Also a camera comparison with Redmi note 10 Pro.

  • Ravi Teja Kancharla

    Ravi Teja Kancharla

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    With Amoled display it will be perfect mobile..!



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    It's just like ROG 5 lite version

  • Dr Garg

    Dr Garg

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    Ranjit Sir, if you really wanna test gaming performance try genshin impact. Rest of the games don't really put that much strain on your mobiles

  • Parthesh Prajapati

    Parthesh Prajapati

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    Hi Ranjit , how about realme x3 superzoom 8/128 for 23k instead of poco x3 pro ?

  • kartik sharma

    kartik sharma

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    Sir, I already have Poco X2 & still i feel battery drain issues. I'm not a heavy user & won't even use facebook or Insta. I have already booked Poco X3 Pro from sale. Please guide me should i keep on hold to my PocoX2 or buy a new one . Is it worth spending 9K more in exchange ?

  • Vivekananda N

    Vivekananda N

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    Anyone watching on PocoF1? Probably the best phone ever made... Like everything for affordable price and works like a charm even after 2 years... Now for 17k we get basically mid ranges with just rubbish camera set-ups and laggy UIs...

  • Harpreet Pal Singh

    Harpreet Pal Singh

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    Should I give away my m31s for this?

    • REXZ


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      just for gaming performance

  • Pradeep Singh

    Pradeep Singh

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    What abt iqoo 3? Which is better ?

    • alvin DJ

      alvin DJ

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      Iqoo3 have low refresh rate & touch sampling 👎👎& no service center

  • Sahil Pathan

    Sahil Pathan

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    Micromax be like : Ab mereko dhak dhak ho rahela h

  • Sushant kumar

    Sushant kumar

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    Why my order of poco x3 pro didn't Shipped till now which I order on first sale on 6th April ??? 😓

  • Ibtisam Tariq

    Ibtisam Tariq

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    Plz do the comparison between poco x3 pro and realme x7 pro

  • Ayush Pratap Singh

    Ayush Pratap Singh

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    Which one is better F62 or X3 Pro...
    Pls Suggest

  • siddhu kadali

    siddhu kadali

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    sir mi 11 ultra full review with camera review pleaseeeee

  • Thulasi Madhavan

    Thulasi Madhavan

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    Ranjith........redmi note 10 pro max vs poco X3 pro....which one should ibuy....????

  • Anupam Gaming YT

    Anupam Gaming YT

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  • aswin drz

    aswin drz

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    Junk apps fb,ln😂

  • Heera Lal

    Heera Lal

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    English ki olaad

  • Shaik Shahensha

    Shaik Shahensha

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    Hi sir, please review the Vivo X60 pro Plus. First time found Vivo mobile interesting. Need a genuine review like you always do. Thinking of buying it rather than oneplus 9 pro

  • kamesh mahadevan

    kamesh mahadevan

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    Sound quality isn't good and everything else is awesome in this phone

  • Saurabh Deshmukh

    Saurabh Deshmukh

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    Sir suggest android one mobile under 20000?

  • Ganesh A

    Ganesh A

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    Ha ha those rubbish cameras

  • Soumyadeep Bhunia

    Soumyadeep Bhunia

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    Question: Does the phone have NFC?

  • Reeteek Roy

    Reeteek Roy

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    Literally no one will buy other flagship phones for performance

  • joginder kumar

    joginder kumar

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    Using poco f1 for almost 2 years still no problem. Buying this one soon .

  • Harshil' s Tech Tube

    Harshil' s Tech Tube

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    The most informative reviews come by geekyranjit !!

  • Harshil' s Tech Tube

    Harshil' s Tech Tube

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    Does the phone come with a screen protecter

    • Rohit N

      Rohit N

      10 दिवसांपूर्वी


  • Aditya Prasad

    Aditya Prasad

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    Sir, I was waiting for your comments regarding the stereo and the audio output

  • Vishwa Gaurav

    Vishwa Gaurav

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    Android 12 ? Seriously? A12 is not even stable now, still in beta. It will take atleast 6 months

  • Jahil Sha

    Jahil Sha

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    I think iqoo 3 is still better then this

  • zlibz


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    when will poco f3 get released in india ?

  • Anand Raj

    Anand Raj

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    sir do a full review on poco x3 pro

  • Yatish Dhokia

    Yatish Dhokia

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    Hey Ranjith.... nice video. Plz make review video also, specially do mention about bugs or ads. i m confused whether to buy or not????

  • Devashish Gautam

    Devashish Gautam

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    Watching on my poco x2

  • Apoorv Arya

    Apoorv Arya

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    Your iPhone/Mac is having email notifications. I have checked my email multiple times during the video lol

  • Shiva Kumar

    Shiva Kumar

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    What about ad s are they many

  • Mamta Madavi

    Mamta Madavi

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    U didn't done the sound test

  • Vikas Dhepe

    Vikas Dhepe

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    Is it worth to update my poco f1 with this....???

  • Nitin Ingle

    Nitin Ingle

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    Good to see that poco is going agressive again. Looks like a good deal.

  • Z Shan Vlogs

    Z Shan Vlogs

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    Pl make Hindi videos

  • Sk Shajahan

    Sk Shajahan

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    sir full review kab ayega

  • Nirmal P Rajan

    Nirmal P Rajan

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    800 series at this price is real deal

  • Monarch


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    I sooo regret buying the X3 NFC now.......

  • ashutosh mishra

    ashutosh mishra

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    This guy is a gem 😍

  • Pranjal Singh Jaiswal

    Pranjal Singh Jaiswal

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    How are the haptics response on this phone? Does it have that strong vibrations that you can even hear, or the soft ones?

  • Aiyan mohammed

    Aiyan mohammed

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    Sir, between realme x7 pro and poco x3 pro which one is better?

  • kundan Kumar

    kundan Kumar

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    One+9R Vs Pocox3?

  • Mayank Agrawal

    Mayank Agrawal

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    How many years of software updates and security updates does Poco provide for this phone? Thanks.

  • Chaitanya Harshe

    Chaitanya Harshe

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    2-2 megapixel rubbish cameras!!! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Hell yeah!!!

  • Ankur Kumar

    Ankur Kumar

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    Was waiting for this...

  • Grave Digger

    Grave Digger

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    Oh my my you are one in a million youtuber

  • Aditya Jeena

    Aditya Jeena

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    Me guessing camera quality by that nose hair😂😂

    • Aditya Jeena

      Aditya Jeena

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      Oh god😭😭

  • Sandeep Tembare

    Sandeep Tembare

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    Finally, hardware upgrade is available for POCO F1 users 😁

  • Always technophyle

    Always technophyle

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    What is HI rs audio?

  • Lovê Animê

    Lovê Animê

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    That is already miui 12

  • manoj maurya

    manoj maurya

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    Can you make A video for best smartphone in under 20k? Or comparison of mi 10 pro , poco x3 and poco x3 Pro?



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    One 5g is not supported otherwise its a complete package for gamers.... i am using k20 pro n the performance is awesome better then samsung phones