Locked inside 1 Room For 25 Years | Blanche Monnier Story | Tamil | Madan Gowri | MG

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 18 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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This is a Madan Gowri video about Balanche Monnier. Balanche Monnier was a 25 year old girl famously known for staying inside one room for 25 years in France during the 19th century. Balanche Monnier's story of her stay inside one room for more than 25 years is still discussed and is talked as a folklore across France. The reason for her stay inside the one small for 25 years is a mystery. We will be solving this mystery in this video. In this video, we will be telling the story of Balanche Monnier and her mother in Tamil. Even though the video is Tamil, it can be easily understood by people who speak Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

Madan Gowri
  • Madan Gowri

    Madan Gowri

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    Why do you think her mother did this?!
    MG Squad 💥

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      Newspaper background tha nice

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      Her mother declared to the outside world that her daughter is dead, she can't suddenly bring her daughter alive, her son's greedyness also influenced. And also she didnt have the heart to kill her daughter instead. May be the mother had hided those facts with her son since he is greedy.

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      Hi madan dybuxx box

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      Mg sqad🖖

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      One and only for prestige broo....

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    What will you do if you were a girl

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    Madan gowri this video s a real I so scared

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    Ini me yarava dhu alaga irukano nu nena ppeenga😃😃😃

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    Neega sollura vidham nalla irukku

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    Madaney ne solratha patha That room smell nenachi pakava kodurama iruku antha lady epdi tha irunthagalo can't imagine 😟
    Psycho mother💯

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    I think on the bike we wear

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    Bro my mother very sweet not do like this

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    Ipde ya la oru amma va so sad 😥😔😔

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    Hi Anna I am Aswin na

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    green leaves

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    May be her mother have planned to leave this girl after her boyfriend death but this girl came to know that her boyfriend was murdered by his mother and her mother will afraid that she will go to police

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    I thik mother gelous on her buatu

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    "Gowravam munadi petha ponnavadhu pasamavadhu", idhu dhan nenachirupanga

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    This is the most worst cruel thing I have ever heard

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    It is horrible

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    Avunga amma ku namaloda nama ponu alaga irukeynu enama irukum ilana andha payan kuda pona avungalku mana keydu apdinu thinkinga irukum ilana......

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    How do you collect the informations?

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    Usha Krishnan

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    The was beaten or tortured by her family mainly her mother.
    In that process the girl becomes unconscious the family things that she might die .however she is alive but her mental condition has become so bad because of the show that she looses her memory power unable to behave normally in that condition the only thing she does is to shout without uttering any meaningful word if she was let out she will behave like a mad person. Managing hetbecome became highly impossible. The family did not want to b accused of having maddened the girl neither did they wanted her to become a joke in the eyes of the society. Her mother who was so egoistic and proud wealthy woman did not want her to b seen or heard so the fimily wanted to keep her as secretly as possible and while they had declared as dead kept her subsequently as secretly as possible in that process they could neither feed her properly nor or take care of herself the girl been in her real senses she would have some how escaped..after a while her family people got used to it and she remained in the room.
    It is the police who delayed the inspection so long that 25 years had passed.
    I know a family the eldest son is slightly mad or abnormal or an extreme case of inferiority complex that only his mother says he is there at home but hardly anyone sees him he is tooshy of the outside world or what it isn't clear.
    No mother would put her child simply in a closed room for twenty-five years there definitely is some more story unknown to the outside world. No one at that time dared to probe further o was stopped.

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    Mg sqad🖖



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    You are like a robberer in this headband

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    madan anna i am your biggest fan

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    Mahalakshmi oda power vera level...Keep it up mahalakshmi

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    It's a pshyco family... Her mom and brother should got the same punishment as her

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    Anna tamilnadu la irukka crime story podunga

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    Intha video ku yetha caption kavravakolai intha society yepdi change agi irukuna petha ponnaiyo ila paiyanaiyo saathikaha konnutu athula saatchiye ilanu thandanala iruthu thappichi veliya vera appa amma yenna ulagam ithu petha pullaingala vida kavravam mukkiyam ha......? Still...

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    I cried a lot and felt so bad and I can't beleive please don't behave like this....
    Guys 😭

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    Because she say she is mentel and after
    3 days she dead then she word come bake

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    He looks like pirates of Caribbean William turner

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    Pavakathiai thaan ji

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    Mother is the corporate criminal

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    Make a playlist explaining the complete story of Ponniyin Selvan

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    Atleast after her lover death, avala release pannerukkalaaam

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    Avanga Amma elathayum anubavichitu poita..paavam andha ponnu avlo azhaga porandhu Ava life a waste panita andha heartless woman. She wnt b her mother..paavam

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    Becos their family is a rich family and very respectful family.. So her mom thinks that indha love matter people ku theriyakudathu nu nenachurukanga and indha family ku ketta peru vandhurakodadhu nu nenachurukanga so her mom did this like.
    Think so..

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      Plzz read this🤝🤝🤝and comment me it is correct or not.2 varucham Motha vaichu avana marakka vaichurulam ninaichuruppanga, Ana avanga than dead ayutangannu sonnagale athunala kolama Anga vaichu live pannaga. Ethanala than kollama 25years vaichuruthanga, antha velakari sollaina ennum antha Ponnu angaiye erunthu sethurukum. It is my reason.

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