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Kaam Bhaari is one of the youngest rappers of his generation. He discusses his struggles as a young kid in the suburbs of Mumbai and how he found his release in music. From the streets of Kandivali to being a label signed recording artist, he chronicles his journey through his favorite medium, rap. Kaam Bhaari, a young emcee with a knack for taking people's breath away with his rap, has translated his success with a lot of hard work.
He was intrigued by hip hop at a very young age and was discovered by Superstars like Ranveer Singh. Kaam Bhaari was also one of the final four rappers to perform with Ranveer Singh as part of the famous brand Jack & Jones' competition.
Having overcome all his childhood hardships, he managed to grab the limelight by making several T.V commercial jingles and get featured in the super hit movie, Gully boy in which he also wrote and co-composed two amazing songs, "Kaam Bhaari" and "Kab Se Kab Tak". He's a young Lyricist with infinite potential. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Akshay Pawar

    Akshay Pawar

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    Love You Bhawa ❤🔥

  • hiphop world

    hiphop world

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    Gandu audience loura ke

  • Alex Pain

    Alex Pain

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    😭😭😭😭😭rula diya bhai😭😭😭😭😭😭😭rap nay tu bhai heart touching karta he bhai😭😭😭😭😭rap me bhot logo ki similar kahani he and m one of d m

  • Vinay Zagade

    Vinay Zagade

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    Kadak bhawa👌👌

  • Prem Pawar

    Prem Pawar

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    Bahot hard hai bhai

  • Aayat Jaan

    Aayat Jaan

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    Ur a legend bro❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Aayat Jaan

    Aayat Jaan

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    Love u bae❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rishab Joshi

    Rishab Joshi

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    1:02 bhai ne bola tension mat lo, khud itni tension le leke ye likha hai shabdo se pata chal raha hai😂❤

  • official _ jeet

    official _ jeet

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    Jo public he apgal he kya bataraahe bhai aur chula kyu rahe he 😩🔥🙆‍♂️

  • Prachee Solanki

    Prachee Solanki

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    mere ko chakkar aa rha hai bhai 😂

  • Srishti hehe

    Srishti hehe

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  • Priyanshu Thakur

    Priyanshu Thakur


    Don't call in morning he missed jogging

  • Ram Raj

    Ram Raj


    3:59 He is just doing "chh" again and again

  • Tanuj Pandey

    Tanuj Pandey


    This guy is so funny to talk😂😂

  • Hiren Raje

    Hiren Raje


    Bhau chaavaaa ahes tu

  • Sanket Gavankar

    Sanket Gavankar


    Kaam bhari ne kamera man ko kaam pe laga diya hamesha camera chod ke bhaag jata tha

  • PNR 2

    PNR 2



  • Gaurav Mokale

    Gaurav Mokale

    महिन्यापूर्वी true ✨️

  • Anushka Singh

    Anushka Singh


    Yaar ye Dil se bol rha hai ........kuchh learn karke nahi bola ......this is reality😍

  • Anushka Singh

    Anushka Singh


    I actually loved him in gully boy ❤️

  • Shawn



    Kaam bhaari bhai love from pakistan

  • Hrithik Raj

    Hrithik Raj


    Can we appreciate the man/woman behind the lens, constantly keeping kaambhaari in focus?

  • Abhijit Salunkhe

    Abhijit Salunkhe


    I like last diss verse

  • Mandylicious 13

    Mandylicious 13

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    True artist .. alag jaanvar.. pinjre mein na band hone wala ❤️

  • Yukta Hatkar

    Yukta Hatkar

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    Ye kesi public he bhaiii lyrics ki samjh nahi he

  • aravind krishnanh

    aravind krishnanh

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    Glad to know this legend is inspired by anothet legend Lil Wayne.

  • Arnob islam

    Arnob islam

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    40 second me tu dil jit liya vai❣️❣️❣️

  • Lil Venomz

    Lil Venomz

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    Kaam bhari walked so much that he lost some 1000 calories by just ted x walk 😂😂

  • M. R

    M. R

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    He is amazing

  • TikiorTaka


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    Humble AF!

  • Anand Malagi

    Anand Malagi

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    God bless with lot of wealth and health to kaam bhaari ❤️

  • Aniikket Vilas Daherkarr

    Aniikket Vilas Daherkarr

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    He actually respects everbody no matter they know him or Eminem ko unko bulana and calling Ranveer as Ranveer Sir...truly a gem

  • Rishabh Vlog 2.0

    Rishabh Vlog 2.0

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    Much love bro ❤️😍

  • Bhawarlal purohit

    Bhawarlal purohit

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  • Wani Tawseef

    Wani Tawseef

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    Legends say he is still walking..

  • Shivesh Gk

    Shivesh Gk

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    Awesome 😘😘😘

  • manish varmas

    manish varmas

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    It's not tedx spit it's something like stand up 😂

  • Franco Cousins

    Franco Cousins

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    The wacky believe karunagappally share because boy conversely practise to a animated basket. fluttering, kindhearted geography

  • Sumedh Sanjay Zodape

    Sumedh Sanjay Zodape

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    Bohot hard bro

  • V.R.P Entertainment

    V.R.P Entertainment

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    😇Be Happy😇

  • 38_Naved


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    audience bhot gandu thiu be

  • Vastav


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  • RoNak Christian

    RoNak Christian

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    Kudos to Ranveer Singh for finding this gem!

  • Rishabh KHATRÏ

    Rishabh KHATRÏ

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  • Editing tutorials [NOOB CLAN]

    Editing tutorials [NOOB CLAN]

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    Ted talk hai bhai ted walk nahi

    • PSYꜱᴛᴀɴ


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  • potato 2.0

    potato 2.0

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    Phele chalte te hum laasho par jo chal raha tere saath kaato ke rasto par use baat to kar scene mera dharave se ghatkopar ab jake kiya Maine Acha mera vocal ajj me vip par bhot samay phele me bhi tha local me bolu baat do kar Maine kaha pani bhi to pi dhokar Kyu ki Maine khahi bahut thokar kisi ko na paya Maine khokar humne paya wo jo humne dekha tha sokar logo ne jo dekha Hume rok kar wo bangaye humare lover.=Maine likha he

  • Gamers of World

    Gamers of World

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    Everyone : TED x TALK
    Kaam bhari : TED x *WALK*



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    24:00 damn!

  • Kanchar Rohan

    Kanchar Rohan

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    Phirse kaam bhari

  • Tejaswi Raghurama

    Tejaswi Raghurama

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    This man is a legend. Humble but what a badass. You made me cry dude. More power to you.

  • Deepak HD 45

    Deepak HD 45

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    Bhai gjb he yrr tu

  • Anurudh pratap singh

    Anurudh pratap singh

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    Is ratri ke kal m Tu yatri h yar 🔥🔥

  • POP100 official

    POP100 official

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    Kunal Gaya gharpe 😂😂😂😂



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    17:55 thank me later😂👌

  • Aman Kumar Verma

    Aman Kumar Verma

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    OP lines 😍😍

  • omkar


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    He may be good rapper. But please prepare such people for speech if they don't have any idea about it. The platform has set some standards in people's minds, please don't spoil it.

    • Harish Netam

      Harish Netam


      Yahi Cheez agar hi eng me bolta tho Kya phir bhi tu ye baat bolta? Nhi

  • Arjav Rana

    Arjav Rana

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    Language doesn't matter 👍 respect to Kaam Bhaari sir 🙏🙏



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    KAAMBHARI ❤️❤️❤️👍🤘🙌

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    Error 404

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    Bohoot accha and original aadmi h...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    Bohot badhia bhaii

  • 6021 C Nupur Dalvi

    6021 C Nupur Dalvi

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    he is such a cutie yaar

  • akshay more

    akshay more

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    Great things never come easy Hats off to you and god bless you 😇

  • Devang Dhruv

    Devang Dhruv

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    Dil Jeet Liya



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  • Prateek Mahajan

    Prateek Mahajan

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    Teacher:- Hindi me "lae bhari" ko kya bolte hai?
    Student:- KAAM BHARI

  • Nixx


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    Ghar aayega, sab aayega.
    Non stop grind 101. Let's gooo 💪

  • Nishant Joshi

    Nishant Joshi

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    I really like the 5:00 part

  • Raunac Yadav

    Raunac Yadav

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    Public be like : Charas ganja mereko pyaara 😒

  • Zirdo Pokjom

    Zirdo Pokjom

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    High talent
    - kaam bhari

  • Abstract Idealist's Manual

    Abstract Idealist's Manual

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  • Karan Lohakare

    Karan Lohakare

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    Kaushal gaya gharpe🤣🤣🤣

  • Anu Thondu

    Anu Thondu

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    honestly real Banda....
    respect for Bhai 'Kaam bhaari' 💓

  • Md Abu Qatadah Farooqui

    Md Abu Qatadah Farooqui

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    bhai sonchrha hoga mere bantai logon ke saamne to mere raps phod dete hai ye audience to kitni nalli hai



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    Public chutya he yar



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    Bhai tere lyrics bohot Effec full he

  • Apurba Samanta

    Apurba Samanta

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    The school thing he said is Gem❤️

  • Mangesh Pawar

    Mangesh Pawar

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    Vegera Vegera...

  • Technical Géèk

    Technical Géèk

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    He was highly emotional while telling abt his incidence of mom dad😬🙏

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger

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    *Is he high??! Lmao!*

  • Krish Vora

    Krish Vora

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    Audience ko laga koi stand up wala aaya hai fir malum pada woh rapper hai😂

  • nikhilesh panda

    nikhilesh panda

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    Op bro made my day 🤪🤪😎🤠😇

  • Alisha Shakya

    Alisha Shakya

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    Talking style is great bhai..

  • Rounak Ganguly

    Rounak Ganguly

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    Ted walk

  • Rahul Yadav

    Rahul Yadav

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    Pleasant wibe😀

  • Suraj Howale

    Suraj Howale

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  • Sagar Goram

    Sagar Goram

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    I love ur music bhai

  • Pranay Takke

    Pranay Takke

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    ❤❤one side 101

  • Angelique D'Souza

    Angelique D'Souza

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    Cmon Ted.... wtf???? Sold ur brain cells???

  • King Vp Gaming

    King Vp Gaming

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    Love 💖 kambhari

  • Mr Someone

    Mr Someone

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    Bahut hard Bahut hard.

  • Shagun Surana

    Shagun Surana

    6 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Wah, bhai..
    . Hil hil k sabko hila dalaa
    Camera man ko b julaa dala
    Audience ko hasaa dala
    Tu h man moji
    Apni mehnat ka rang dikha dala
    Kaam karkar k apni jagah banna dala
    Kya fhadu Tu likhta h
    Tabhi tu bikta h
    Tu chal badh.... Yeh ansman b
    Intezaar m ghadaa h re sallaaa....

  • imran Khan

    imran Khan

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    Nice comment

  • Yash Pathak

    Yash Pathak

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    Best tedx I have ever seen

  • Kaamraa Ekke

    Kaamraa Ekke

    7 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Wow!!!!! Amazing how he cracked the words and made rhythms wow!!! Best i ever listened in my life He Beautifully Cracked ♥️♥️♥️ Now he and Emiway is my favourite Rapper!

  • Ravishankar Sharma Bff

    Ravishankar Sharma Bff

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    Those loosing their mind over audience not reacting to his lyrics. Please Audience is not rap hip hop expert. So, it's absolutely normal if they are not reacting.

    • Ravishankar Sharma Bff

      Ravishankar Sharma Bff

      7 महिन्यांपूर्वी

      @Shubham Ravindra Please be considerate bro. Rhyme samajhne se kya hota hai, lyrics jab tak nahin samjhega kya matlab.

    • Shubham Ravindra

      Shubham Ravindra

      7 महिन्यांपूर्वी

      Still its really sad man,i understand that they are not experts..but rhyming toh smjhta hai na? Bachpan mei sbko sikhaya tha rhyme.

  • Grv Negi Vlogs

    Grv Negi Vlogs

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    God bless u bhai

  • Inder Kotwal

    Inder Kotwal

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    Km se km 10km walk krliya bhai ne.

  • pavan nayak

    pavan nayak

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  • pavan nayak

    pavan nayak

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  • pavan nayak

    pavan nayak

    7 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Wha ki public chutiya haikya?
    Real talent 🤩

  • sapna karki

    sapna karki

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    Aww man 💕