Good Luck Sakhi Tamil Teaser | Keerthy Suresh | Aadhi Pinisetty | DSP | Nagesh Kukunoor

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 14 ऑगस्ट, 2020
वेळा पाहिला 4 441 391

Good Luck Sakhi Tamil Teaser on Worth A Shot Motion Arts Channel. #GoodLuckSakhi is a Latest 2020 Tri-Lingual Movie ft. Keerthy Suresh, Aadhi Pinisetty, Jagapathi Babu & Many Others. Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. Music Composed by Rockstar DSP / Devi Sri Prasad. Produced by Sudheer Chandra Padiri & Co-Produced by Shravya Varma Under Worth A Shot Motion Arts.
#GoodLuckSakhiTeaser #KeerthySuresh #AadhiPinisetty #DSP #JagapathiBabu #NageshKukunoor
Good Luck Sakhi is made in Three Languages Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam.
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Worth A Shot Motion Arts
  • Worth A Shot Motion Arts

    Worth A Shot Motion Arts

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    Watch #GoodLuckSakhi Tamil teaser right here. How did you like it? Comment and let us know!❣️

    • World Cine Times

      World Cine Times


      Vghhmvgs Y5L32ESWQQAAAAQ Q

    • Anima Shrestha

      Anima Shrestha

      2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

      Watching from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    • Raheil Tripura

      Raheil Tripura

      3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

      Please dubbed in hindi sir

    • Raesha Humairaa

      Raesha Humairaa

      5 महिन्यांपूर्वी

      Waiting for the movie!!!

    • hafhaaf hafhaaf

      hafhaaf hafhaaf

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  • Tamilarasi Antony

    Tamilarasi Antony


    Waiting for this movie

  • Ethan Ramsey

    Ethan Ramsey

    6 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Jagapathi Babu ❤️🔥
    I wanted to see him in good roles, what shitty charachter was KSK, still he is cute

  • தெய்வம் நீயென்றுணர்

    தெய்வம் நீயென்றுணர்

    15 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Congratulations team.

  • Macy Macy

    Macy Macy

    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Keerthi is doing all self evaluation movies!!!

  • Nila Pen

    Nila Pen

    18 दिवसांपूर्वी
    2020 Cinema Viruthugal 👆

  • chitra soundharya

    chitra soundharya

    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Is this movie remake of the hindi movie saand ki aankh which was taken by inspired true story !?

  • Raj Prad

    Raj Prad

    18 दिवसांपूर्वी

    Hope its not as dreadful as Miss India 🤪

  • mass tamilan

    mass tamilan

    19 दिवसांपूर्वी

    When release

  • manku nssanil

    manku nssanil

    20 दिवसांपूर्वी

    KERTHI SURESH Have one beautiful lovely attraction in her face own real life also there KERTHI SURESH behaves like aa our family members like so good all the best madham take 1000 ofs film in your life

  • Arjun


    21 दिवसापूर्वी

    Seen to many filim with similar story difference is change in sport event hero/ heroine coming from lower background and achieving something in sport teaser seems same story hope it is different

  • Thillayarasi prathikasri

    Thillayarasi prathikasri

    21 दिवसापूर्वी

    Who knows that sakhi sakhi maa bala's comedy in cook with comali😜😜😜

  • Maadhav Krishnan

    Maadhav Krishnan

    23 दिवसांपूर्वी
    தலைவர் SUPERSTAR ரஜினிகாந்த் பற்றி நாம் அறியாத Top 10 தகவல்கள் 🙏🙏

  • Nimesh Sandakalum

    Nimesh Sandakalum

    27 दिवसांपूर्वी
    Pushpa | Allu Arjun

  • Saai Sudarsanan D

    Saai Sudarsanan D

    28 दिवसांपूर्वी

    at this rate she will reach 100 movies in five years or something

  • Cantoon Network Tamil

    Cantoon Network Tamil


    Another Flop movie for Keerthy

  • Aami -

    Aami -


    Rotten pizza

  • Vanee Sanjana

    Vanee Sanjana


    Actually this not keerthi suresh real voice

  • Vanee Sanjana

    Vanee Sanjana


    Sagiikalae என்ன படம் இது. Bad luck sagi

  • kr AK

    kr AK


    Kirukki keerthi 😂😂😂

  • Amali Sugan

    Amali Sugan


    Luck illa nu nambanum... Believe ourselves.

  • Mridula Bindu

    Mridula Bindu


    Whn is the release

  • Just Being Open

    Just Being Open


    Real story ah? Reel story na vendam 😂

  • Fathima JB

    Fathima JB


    I miss KS real voice...😥😥

  • ishu ishu

    ishu ishu


    Aadhi super

  • P.suganya P.suganya

    P.suganya P.suganya


    Cute Angel Keerthy Suresh 😍🥰😍🥰😍 maha nadigai 😍😍😍

  • Kate Bunny

    Kate Bunny


    wow keerty like nayan, doing female oriented roles. happy to see senior actress rama prabha

  • Harish Adda

    Harish Adda






    Yenna da kekkala kekkala dialogue ha copy adichi irukkigga

  • Edhaya Anbalagan

    Edhaya Anbalagan


    Aadi.. A grt under rated actor. Sad to see him with Keerthi. I'm bored of her same typical jo type over acting

  • S Amal Vet

    S Amal Vet


    Enna voice da....

  • Ravichandran Vaithilingam

    Ravichandran Vaithilingam


    U r right ...He is underrated there many like him




    Vara level keerthy 😘

  • Ranjith Ranjan

    Ranjith Ranjan


    Semma IAM waiting for this movie to watch love you keerthi Suresh I hope you are safe ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Abhinav Ram

    Abhinav Ram

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Next JOTHIKA keerthi

  • Nanda kumar

    Nanda kumar

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी


  • Class Twelve L

    Class Twelve L

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    This looks liks bits from sonam kapoor s luck related movie nd tapsees shooting dhadhis movie.. jst the firsts that cme to mind...

  • Mystic Musiclife

    Mystic Musiclife

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    I guess Keerthi Suresh wud be double action ..the first person was suppose to represent India ,but either with too much of stress or sports politics , she wud die / get paralysed so they will find this other Keerthi Suresh in remote village and train her to represent India... Bad luck turns as a good luck sugi



    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Eppo release aagum?

  • ma sen

    ma sen

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Villan na guess panniten

  • Jaseema


    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Nama thalayelitha namalae dhan eludhikkanum

  • kasthuri sree kasthuri

    kasthuri sree kasthuri

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerthi 🥰

  • S A

    S A

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    How many know Nagesh Kukunoor - The Director?

  • Blaze6432


    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Why do Keerty Suresh's Telugu films look so much better than her Tamil films....?

  • Kundavai Sri

    Kundavai Sri

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    When is it going to release

  • Factiepoint


    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    What is the meaning of 'sakhi' ?

  • Raja Pandi

    Raja Pandi

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    When this movie releasing date

  • Shadurshana Rani

    Shadurshana Rani

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Teaser nalla irukku. But keerthy voice missed

  • Novitha creations

    Novitha creations

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

  • Scorpian king

    Scorpian king

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    After Miss.India this villan has started supporting keerthi suresh

  • Noorul Hafizah SINGAPPENNEY

    Noorul Hafizah SINGAPPENNEY

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    My angel 🤩 keerthy Akka

  • palani hari

    palani hari

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    enniki release

  • Raaj Rtr

    Raaj Rtr

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerthi's Real voice missing

  • mohammed Ibrahim

    mohammed Ibrahim

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    She is very simple in real life too not like big star

  • surya surendran

    surya surendran

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗

  • shareef maju

    shareef maju

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    hindi movie dubbing tamil keerthi acting thatswhy flop this movie

    • shareef maju

      shareef maju

      2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

      plz ur fb id 🤪🤪🤪

  • Rachana Baiju

    Rachana Baiju

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Gemini ganesan nna naa savithri🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • jeevagan p.s

    jeevagan p.s

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Waiting for the release

  • SureSh raina Ks

    SureSh raina Ks

    2 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Verithanam verithanooo

  • Musiq 85

    Musiq 85

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी


  • Kiruthika E

    Kiruthika E

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Padam release ennaiku?

  • Sujatha Thakur

    Sujatha Thakur

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Must watch this

  • nadeera sidhiq

    nadeera sidhiq

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Ennn keerthy akkavode voice maathitteemge😕

  • RN Delhiganesh

    RN Delhiganesh

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    *0:24** Keerthy Suresh* - *Nee Gemini Ganesan na...Naa Savithri...!✌️😍*

  • Sony Fashion Studio

    Sony Fashion Studio

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

  • Sneha Siva

    Sneha Siva

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी


  • Pratyusha K

    Pratyusha K

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Best romantic book from an Indian author in recent times: My Heart rushers

  • Kriti Pal

    Kriti Pal

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    eagerly waiting for it's hindi dubbing😚😚😚

  • Jayaganesh keerthi suresh

    Jayaganesh keerthi suresh

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    I love ks 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Kalyan Dhanavath

    Kalyan Dhanavath

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    DSP BGM is awesome👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • bharathi kannadasan

    bharathi kannadasan

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी


  • Farzana Yasmin

    Farzana Yasmin

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    I love Keerthy suresh soo❤️❤️❤️ much...hope she succeeds in tis film like others tooo😇she is my very very fav actress in Tamil industry

  • Ravi Raj Kulkarni

    Ravi Raj Kulkarni

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerthi Suresh cuteness smile acting super

  • MYDEEN Hafees

    MYDEEN Hafees

    3 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Kirthi surash குசு உட்டி

  • Rohan Choudhury Official

    Rohan Choudhury Official

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Good From Assam 😗

  • Rajurajesh kumar

    Rajurajesh kumar

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Y Not make hindi please explain

  • Shruti Ch

    Shruti Ch

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Please watch this too

  • Vibeka my this love hearts story thank you so much

    Vibeka my this love hearts story thank you so much

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Vibeka this is 🇮🇳 i love you with my hearts how is your health ok remember me Kéerthy



    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    best movie trailer congratulations keerthi suresh madam and hole team ur movie it will be a successfully .

  • Hari


    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerti is not a born actrss thats for sure who had seen her 1st movie. But she is struggled a lot to set a place. luckly got savitri and she worked hard. Congrats But how did she got a chance? star kid. Cool life na, studied abroad and returns india to act when there is no job option.

  • Avilipsa Parhi

    Avilipsa Parhi

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Aadhi is a very good actor

  • surbhi Upadhyay

    surbhi Upadhyay

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Last me hindi सारे जहां से अच्छा हिंदुस्ता हमारा 😘

  • Star Gaming

    Star Gaming

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी


  • RAM SUNKARA & Singer's

    RAM SUNKARA & Singer's

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    హాయ్ ఫ్రెండ్స్ మాకు పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ 💓గారు అంటే ఎంతో అభిమానం. ఆ అభిమానంతోనే( PAVAN KALYAN)💋 గారి పుట్టినరోజు సందర్బంగా ఒక సాంగ్ పాడే అదృష్టం కలిగింది ఈ సాంగ్ యూట్యూబ్ లింక్ పెట్టాముఅయితే ఈ సాంగ్ ని అందరికి ఎలా చేరవేయాలో మాకు అర్ధం కాలేదు అందుకే ఇలా పెట్టాము ఈ సాంగ్ లిరిక్స్ రాసి ట్యూన్ చేసి పాడాము మన చొప్పెల్ల (రాజమండ్రి )కుర్రాళ్ళు డాన్స్ 🦸‍♀️🧚‍♂️🦹‍♂️కూడా చేశారు నచ్చితే షేర్ చేసి సబ్స్క్రయిబ్ 👍చేయండి నచ్చకపోతే 👎చేసి కామెంట్ చేయండి థాంక్యూ ఫ్రెండ్స్..

  • Australia Vs India

    Australia Vs India

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    99.9% Won't see this, 0.1% those who reading this comment, I pray to you and your parents to live happy and healthy life🙌✌

  • Nish0


    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    sandhegame venaam.. neenga saavithri dhaan keerthi :D (2.0 nu vena add paniklaam to avoid confusion)

  • sarathsk12


    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

  • U19BTE005


    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी




    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Next national Award Ready it seems !!!!

  • sugdev kalimuthu

    sugdev kalimuthu

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    She is over acting 😡😡😡

  • PIXEL BOX Media

    PIXEL BOX Media

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Ena language dubbing movie da ithu🤔🙄

  • Kesav


    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Hindi movie copy

  • raghu kanithi

    raghu kanithi

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerthy suresh ..♥️

  • V I

    V I

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    When is the release?

  • jeena mathew

    jeena mathew

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerthi looks like a fool. She doesn't know acting.

  • Star Gaming

    Star Gaming

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी


  • Karthiga Muthukumar

    Karthiga Muthukumar

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳JAI HIND🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Eswar Vajja

    Eswar Vajja

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    Keerthy's voice is there in Telugu teaser...😍

  • Ramesh Smith

    Ramesh Smith

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    DSP Very worst music director.
    He copying music of previous composing his movies
    That means he know one music track

  • Sha Dv

    Sha Dv

    4 महिन्यांपूर्वी

    southie's sushant singh rajput is aadhi.