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Festive Season is near and here we’re today so excited to share with you some awesome traditional outfit ideas along with complete look like how you can style them with jewellery or accessories. sure you’ll love trying out these looks on various occasions of this festive season.
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Outfits & Jewellery Shown :-
Handmade German Silver Oxidised light Weight Jhumka/Jhumki Earrings :
Sonali Fashion Premium Quality Oxidised Silver Bahubali Earring with Jhumka and Hair Chain:
Fabstreet Golden Leaf Stud Brass Jhumka Earring:
Ishin Women's Cotton Peach Solid With Gota Patti A-Line Kurta Sharara Set:
H4U Women's Cotton A-Line Round Neck 3/4 Sleeve Anarkali Kurta With Palazzo Pant:
Rv Creation Red Rayon Kurti FOR WOMEN & Plazo with Printed Dupatta:
Zoeyams Womens Black Rayon Machine Embroidery Long Anarkali Kurti:
Zoeyams Womens Navy Blue Cotton Block Printed Long Anarkali Kurti
white world women's Georgette Ruffled Latest Saree Design with blouse peise(jam red ruffel saree):
Janasya Women's Rayon Floral Print Flared Kurta JNE3236:
Janasya Women's Cotton Floral Print Anarkali Kurtis For Women:
Simple Square Retro Shell Earrings Silver Jewelry Earrings Silver Hand-Made Mosaic Coral Earrings:
Fabstreet Silver Fancy Party Wear Traditional Antique Stud Earrings for Women and Girls:
Fabstreet Brass Bird Stud Jhumka Ear rings Brass Jhumka:
Ishin Women’s Rayon Yellow & Off White Solid A LIne Kurta with Embelished Skirt:
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Edited By: Vishal Vaish
Presented By - Anishka Khantwaal, Jeetu Shree & Bharti Singh
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